There are a lot of things I’ve accepted as normal occurrences in life. A theme I’ve been toying with recently is looking at conventions with new eyes. One thing that will never sound right again is the fake laughter in sitcoms.

I don’t know if it’s just so artificial and forced sounding or if it’s just so incessant, but either way, once you notice it, you’ll never stop hearing it and wondering how hollow and foreign it really is. It’s like that friend you have that is a pathological liar. His or her woppers become so predictable and preposterous that you begin asking them questions that you know the answer to merely to enjoy whatever outrageous embellishment, braggadocio, or general douchebaggery they’ll summon for you.

I have no doubts that there will be a special brand of hell reserved for liars and poor comedians where everything they say is met by exaggerated guffaws and empty praise on loop.


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