What Will You Be Remembered For?

Comcast will be remembered for their abysmal customer service, inconsistency, and poor attention to detail. They will not be remembered for that Saturday that I had a blazing internet connection and tea-bagged the entire team on my way to a 27 kill streak in Modern Warfare:2.

BP will be remembered for taking a giant diarrhea in our gulf and then shirking responsibility, photoshopping, and outright lying about the damage they caused (Picture Bill Clinton times 1000). They will not be remembered for all the awesome road trips they fueled.

Kevin Watson will be remembered for putting his namesake on this slipshod mug, which then dumped burning hot coffee into my lap as soon as I tried to drink. Kevin will not be remembered for his cut-rate refinancing.

You have limited contact with people every day. How you treat people, the things you say, how hard you work, and the products you put your name on will be captured in the picture frames of people’s minds. It is these snapshots that will be taken as the whole of who you are and what you’ve done.

Did you show up to work landscaping with your shifty friend Greg, shuffling your feet and whining about how hot it is, or did you work till your hands bled? Did you convince yourself that doing the puke-and-rally is acceptable because it’s your 21st birthday, or did you already know you can’t just “forget” your character for a night?

Sure, you look back on your life and recall the highlights, handing out high fives to your subconscious self, but how many people only know your lowlights?

Maybe it’s not fair that we get judged based on one encounter, but maybe we should think more about the actions we represent ourselves with.


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Christian. Husband. Quasi-Scientist.

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