In case you have ever wondered how large a round the Barrett M82A1 fires, this is an apt comparison.

The M16 family of rifles fires the 5.56 x 45mm round (as pictured on the right). AR-15’s, the semi-automatic, civilian version of the M16, also fire this round.

The media calls the AR-15 an “assault rifle” (‘AR’ stands for ArmaLite, the company who patented the design) as a buzzword to summon the connotation that the average user is a Branch Dividian follower looking to “stick it to the man”. In reality, the 5.56 is scarcely more than a varmint round and is not even considered powerful enough to take down a deer.

In contrast, the Barrett fires the .50 BMG round. It is truly massive, in every sense of the word.

As you can see, everything is relative.


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