“I can change the world with my own two hands. I can bring peace on Earth with my own two hands.”

-Ben Harper, With My Own Two Hands


“Fools are we, if hate’s the gate to peace.”

Dave Matthews, The Last Stop

“The man went to college on a rodeo scholarship; he drank beer……….He liked ice…cold…beer.”

-Stephen, with an eloquent description of his father.

In this video, Dave describes his song, Don’t Drink the Water.

It’s easy to view the issue of immigration from an American, nationalist perspective. When we approach it from a universal standpoint and view it cast in the light of American history, it’s almost impossible to see it as cut and dried. It is a very complex issue that I don’t fully understand. I think immigrants are what has made this country so great, while at the same time their illegal presence and lack of taxation is a huge problem.

Either way, I have to constantly remind myself that we were once immigrants here, and the white and blue of our flag is stained with a lot of red.

In case you have ever wondered how large a round the Barrett M82A1 fires, this is an apt comparison.

The M16 family of rifles fires the 5.56 x 45mm round (as pictured on the right). AR-15’s, the semi-automatic, civilian version of the M16, also fire this round.

The media calls the AR-15 an “assault rifle” (‘AR’ stands for ArmaLite, the company who patented the design) as a buzzword to summon the connotation that the average user is a Branch Dividian follower looking to “stick it to the man”. In reality, the 5.56 is scarcely more than a varmint round and is not even considered powerful enough to take down a deer.

In contrast, the Barrett fires the .50 BMG round. It is truly massive, in every sense of the word.

As you can see, everything is relative.

Just a thought

I chronically struggle with being unproductive throughout the day. Some would call this A.D.D., but I just think of it as a lack of discipline.


The point is, I consistently choose 5, 10, 20 or however many I feel like minutes of instant gratification (mindless trawling online retailers, social networking, etc.) over working constantly and consistently.

When doing the latter, I finish with time to spare and can spend the rest of the day doing enjoyable things without a monkey on my back.

This may seem very obvious and clear, but usually the simple acknowledgment of fallacies is the best way to correct them. The fruits of operating like this will ripen with age. Your mileage may vary because after all, it’s just a thought…

“The way I see it, an eye for an eye doesn’t make the whole world blind-it just ruins your depth perception.”

-Matt “Prison Shank” Shanklin, resident funny guy.